Friday, September 16

Fall Favorites

     While we are experiencing an Indian Summer here in Southern California, I know that Fall is right around the corner and I can't wait. Fall has got to be my favorite of seasons. Deep colors, tall boots, chunky knits and cool nights. Here is my collection of things I would love to have in my Fall wardrobe. Which of these items would you wear?

1. A mustard colored maxi dress in a soft chiffon print is perfect for dressing up in heels or down with boots and a sweater. 

2. I love layering textured, heavy knit shorts over leggings for a schoolgirl-ish vibe. 

3. I am loving animal print in a more subdued, dressed up way. This grey leopoard print blazer looks polished and put together. 

4. Hunter wellies but covered in gold sparkle. I have always said, wellies are going on these lists until I commit and buy a pair!

5. I am loving feminine gold chains with deep jewel toned stones. This oversized hunter green necklace does the trick.

6. A tough, structured leather clutch with metal accents can be paired with jeans and a tee or a even a sweet floral dress. 

7. A large neck scarf with a festive wild horse print will add a touch of whimsy to any outfit. 

8. Nothing says fall date night quite like a white lace dress, thick colored tights and black heels.

9. A colorful, long-sleeved zig-zag print dress is perfect for the office or the weekend. 

10. A fair isle print made more serious in a cotton blend blazer. I would make this my go to sweater all season long!

11. Mixed metal bangles in an oversized style will go great with any outfit. 

12. A feminine twist on a classic mens brown suede construction boot.


  1. those knit shorts are so cute (amen to the school girl look). and that clutch is yummy. and thanks for the encouragement about the pup. next time, i think I will just walk out of my house without my phone or anything and take a walk. haha such a good idea.

  2. I love the shoes! So cute. I think they'd be fun to wear with the white lace dress.

    Stopping over from FTLOB :)

  3. i love indian summers here in socal too but looking at everyone's else blog when they are experiencing a true fall is making me wish i could move over there. today really feels like fall though definitely not warm out at all!

  4. @Emma Those would look cute together!! Good call!

  5. @Meg We have been having crazy thunder and lightening and rainy mornings and hot afternoons. So hard to dress for!

  6. Cute combination! Thanks for sharing :) here via FTLOB.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Samantha xx

  7. I love 9 & 10. And it always amazes me how cute Forever 21 is!! I need to go in there with my mind set and I know I'll find some cute stuff! The number 2 shorts are cute, too.

  8. @Meghan F21 pretty much always has something for everyone!!

  9. Haha. Thanks Hayley! I'm a new follower, and when reader brought your blog over to my reader, I started going through your posts. And I now have to say I think you might be the queen of Forever 21. It was literally every piece of clothing I loved and wanted I would then scroll down and find it would be from F21. You win! I'm totally impressed. Do you normally shop online or in the store?

  10. @Meghan Normally in store. I have a large 2 story one by my house. I shop elsewhere but sometimes I find similar things that I see at Urban Outfitters of Anthropologie or something like that but I can find a much cheaper version at F21. I prefer the Love 21 collection it is more tailored for a woman's body (some of the other items are made for like, stick figures!)

  11. I'm dying to find a killer lace dress, but the 60s mod shape that is coming back in does not work well for my figure... haha. That clutch is awesome, too!


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