Monday, September 19

Happy Birthday Lewis!

      Today my little puppy's first birthday. I know to most a dog is just a dog but this dog really, truly has made Geoff and I feel like a family. Last year I was begging for a dog, checking out the shelters and on Petfinder constantly looking for a puppy. I had this criteria that I wanted to adopt a dog and I already wanted him to be a year old. 
     One day in November I wandered into a pet store in Newport Beach and saw this little fluffy white guy in a cage with two crazy pugs. I asked to hold him and instantly I knew I couldn't leave this dog there. Many photos and a few videos sent to boyfriend at work and we agreed to go grab dinner "close" to the pet store. Well Geoff was smitten with him too, but not totally sold. So we went and ate. And I bought him beer and we were coming up with names for our little guy. Once we decided on Lewis (CS Lewis for those of you who wonder where it came from) it was done. We went back and paid for our new puppy. But knowing we lived an hour away and had nothing for him we decided to get him the next day.
     In the pouring rain we went to Petsmart and bought $200 worth of puppy supplies and picked up our little guy. Having Lewis for even 10 minutes we were like those new parents. He didnt know how to walk on a leash (I didnt know that!), he cried the whole time in the car, and he peed on the floor. It was trying, and there were fights, and sleepless nights. Days where boyfriend said he would return him (but you can't) and nights where we stood in the rain outside on the grass trying to make our puppy go potty. We lived through sickness and shots and surgery and groomers and training and I wouldn't have changed anything.
     Now, a year later... and nearly 20 lbs more this guy is so fun. Lewis is playful and loving and (pretty much) well behaved and is just the coolest dog. I know that sounds crazy... but he is. He has a great personality and I really, truly couldn't have imagined having another pet, or not having had him through those crazy days. He really taught us a lot about caring for something else and having to work together and for that I thank him. I have given up a lot to be home to take care of him but I am glad I did. Some of my favorite nights now are just us cooking dinner and playing with the dog at home and going for a long walk. 
So Happy Birthday Lewis. 
You get a puppy cupcake and a party hat and we are going to have fun today!


  1. He's so cute - hope you spoil him with extra treats today! And, I am one of those people who consider a dog family, so I totally get this post :).

  2. Awe, he's such a cutie! Happy Birthday, Lewis!

  3. @Gina Thanks girl! It seems weird but he is like our kid!!

  4. awww he's a cutie! happy birthday lewis!

    love, little and pancho (the puppy)

  5. I know how you feel. : ) Even while dealing with Marz and her shenanigans, I know that when she grows out of this terrible puppy stage, I will be a happy mama. She truly is the coolest dog, and I love that you feel the same about yours! Happy b-day pup! xo

  6. Thanks guys! He is having a fun morning already eating bacon treats and licking my area rug.... its the simple things!

  7. What a sweet puppy! He is so adorable :)

    Hope you're having a fabulous Monday my dear!


  8. I just kept saying "omg" out loud at every picture. Adorablenesssss! Happy bday, Lewis!

  9. @dani Haha! I swear he does that to people!!

  10. ahh lewis is such a cutie pie!! he looks so fluffy and soft. happy birthday to you lewis!


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