Friday, September 9

Flower Power

Dress- Zara
Shoes- Issac Mizrahi (not pictured, but you have seen them!)
Bracelets- Nordstrom

     Sometimes when you have a cute outfit on, there is no one around to photograph it. So I took matters into my own hands. This my friends, is what you get when boyfriend is at work. My iPhone plus a fitting room. I don't pay him to take my photo, unfortunately, but maybe I should then you could see all the outfits that don't make it to the blog! But back to this dress. It was perfect for my day. Lunch with my mom, a quick stop by H&M (where I left empty handed!) and running errands. All in 111 degree heat. Like eyeball burning, sweating from your toes heat. This dress is light and breezy and full of cheerful little flowers... I had to pull it out! I find it to be a bit too low cut for me, but I couldn't wrap my head around the idea adding an extra layer of clothing. If it would have been slightly cooler I would have paired this with a grey and white striped grandpa sweater. Like 40 degrees cooler. Maybe next time!


  1. Super cute dress! XO, Rae

  2. You are absolutely adorable and I love that dress. Low cleavage and all. When you've got it, rock it.

  3. @Vapid Vixen HAHA! Thats funny, It was too hot not to rock it!!!


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