Monday, September 12

Recent Happenings

     Two weeks ago on Thursday, boyfriend took the day off so we could start packing and getting situated. We kept hearing fire trucks and police sirens, but there are always car accidents outside of our house so the noise is normal. We decide to go outside and investigate and the minute we opened the front door we were blasted with the worst smell... FIRE! There was a 40 acre brush fire right across the street from our house just coming closer and closer. Scary! I started doing that mental checklist of what I would take and what order if they told us to leave, but thankfully it never came across the road.

     But the fire was big enough (and caused plenty of traffic) in our city that the news showed up and our cousin was on the news. Needless to say, that threw a wrench in our plans and packing didnt really get done. But when you are that close to a fire and the embers are basically raining down on you.. it is hot and it is scary! And Stinky! We had to wash all of our clothes and take massively long showers. 

     It has also been hot this week. Really, really hot. Like 111 degrees hot in the afternoon. I don't even wanna see our AC bill for this month so far!

     Puppy had been dealing with a little flea problem (more on that disaster later...) so on top of the heat and keeping him inside and feeling like he has ants in his pants (literally!) he has been a handful! That is him in his wild, wiggly, barking his head off glory. Even when he is bad he is really, really cute. 

Puppy attack! I actually this photo is hilarious, not to mention he almost knocked me over leaping at me like this!

     We started our first of many homeowner projects that have not been without bumps and roadblocks. We began with repainting the master bedroom, which was more of a task then we initially thought it would be. But we ate pizza and listened to classic rock. It was fun!

     After fires, fleas, painting, work, and everything else life was throwing at me the past few weeks a much needed bubble bath with Lucky Magazine and The Civil Wars was just what the doctor ordered!

     And yesterday... after a long morning kitchen planning at Ikea, my first ever trip to Sonic Burger. I was so excited but totally let down. The dogs were good but my burger was just okay. It was kinda hard to know Five Guys was just right across the street. Oh well, the tots made up for it!

     So apologies if posting is sporadic or not up to the usual standard! I am trying my best to balance everything but sometimes the blog will just have to wait. But don't forget, I have an awesome giveaway for you guys for a cute art print from a lovely Etsy seller! Go enter right here!


  1. so scary! So glad you lucked out & hope no else was hurt!
    {{Being a home owner adds a whole new stress to natural disasters}}

  2. Holy damn, whatta week!!! I am so sorry, miss. I don't know much about fires, but I do know what a pain in the rear fleas can be. >.< My parents had a lotta pets when I was little and one time they all got infected with fleas. :( It'll get better!!!

    I hope this week is muuuuch more relaxing for y'all!

  3. Wow, that's really scary. Hope you are doing well. I love your dog, soooo cute!!!

  4. That is super scary!! Glad it settled!

  5. Thanks guys! It was a little freaky!! Never seen a fire that large up that close before!!


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