Tuesday, September 13

Wrapped in Jersey

Dress- Old Navy
Belt- Forever 21
Necklace- Thifted
Ring- Vintage
Sandals- Issac Mizrahi for Target

     Have I mentioned life is busy lately? So busy I didnt even have time to think about participating in the Everybody, Everywear challenge today!! In case you didnt know it was for colored pants. For one, it has been too hot for pants. For two, I don't even think I own pants of color. I think a hunter green pair might be it. I am not that wild of a blogger I guess. So I am going to leave today to the pros with purple pants and I will stick with a basic jersey dress. 

     This dress has been in my closet with the tags attached but it is so soft and easy to wear I decided to try it. The neck line on the front and back are really unusual, I think you can wear it either way. Heck, It could be backwards here right now and I don't even know! I was feeling uninspired so I threw on a belt and some turquoise jewelry. Too simple but all we did was eat mexican food. Gotta keep it loose when chips and salsa are involved! And in case you are wondering, that is the gigantic, unkempt willow tree in our new backyard. I don't know if I love it or not yet. What do you think?

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  1. I love the necklace, Hayls! You actually look quite angelic in these pics : )

  2. I really like this dress :) Such an easy to wear dress can't be missed in a wardrobe! :) personally, I love willows, especially when they are hanging above water. So beautiful! x

  3. Love that dress and especially love the necklace! Very cute and casual! I'm also a fan of the tree! :)

    Stop by for my blog challenge!

  4. I adore the awesome to find that!

  5. I love the dress, it look so very comfortable and sometimes simple is just the best! Love willow trees, it is a great spot for your photos!

  6. The dress looks like comfort wrapped around :) Like it lots & lots.

    PS. Gorgeous necklace. Jealous - I wish I had such luck thrifting jewelry.


  7. I am pretty sure this necklace is just from claire's or something but it was so cute I couldn't resist. I am going to cross my fingers that it is more awesome then that.

  8. Thanks for the jersey dress love, ladies!

  9. LOVING THIS OUTFIT. that necklace slays me.


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