Wednesday, September 7

In the Beginning

     Having this blog for the past year has totally helped me define my personal style and have a clear cut idea of what I like and don't like and what I think works for me. Then I was at my parents house going through photos when it dawned on me... I have had the same style for years! We are talking 20 years of skinny jeans and a love of boots. So I decided to take you guys on a stroll down memory lane. Enjoy some outfit photos from the 80's! 

Blonde hair, blunt cut bangs, a quirky dress in navy and red and red knee high socks. So cute! If I remember correctly I think I had those little black and white oxford shoes on this this outfit. And look, I hated the sun in my eyes even then! I know I would rock the adult version of this dress still!

Look at that fashion blogger at work posing for the camera! This is the ultimate definition of the 80's... tennies and acid wash jeans! I kinda feel like I am channeling Kristine, or Polly with those ultra bright socks! It is quite possible I have a top knot on my head and look at those pink bracelets. Love it!!!

Now this one is over exposed but the fact that I am wearing this ensemble on Christmas speaks volumes. Do any of you have Christmas photos where you are not wearing red of green? The print on this yellow sweater is actually rows of white hearts paired with a denim skirt, white leggings, yellow socks and blue, fringed cowboy boots! I am in love... I think I would wear this whole outfit today! I know the kids at Urban Outfitters would be digging those boots!


  1. so you've always been cute and fashionable, i see! i am in love with those boots!

  2. Helloooo cuuuuteee. You so need to start participating in Flashback Fridays! ;)

  3. @Dani I was totally thinking of that when I posted this!

  4. @two birds- Thank you! I know they are pretty cute huh?!


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