Monday, October 24

A Fall Walk

Last Thursday was a beautiful, quintessential fall afternoon. 
Bright sun, crisp air, crunchy leaves on the ground... it was the perfect time to grab the puppy and head outside for a long walk around the hood. I took my camera along for some quick snaps.

New Old Navy sweater that is perfect for fall weather. 

He loves getting outside in the sunshine and feeling the wind on his little face. 
He will just sit in the grass and stare off into space for hours if you let him!

These slip on oxfords from Payless are so comfortable and so cute. 
Quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe when I want something casual to wear.

True Cockapoo profile. 
And see what I mean! He just stares and watches the birds, listens to the rustling of trees. He loves it.

Our un-carved pumpkin sits on our window sill with my potted succulents. 

Walking along our neighborhood. 

'H' Necklace from Anthropologie, nails are NYC Sidewalkers. 
A cute little pumpkin that sits by our kitchen window. 

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  1. Cute pictures :) It's so cold now that I can't go outside with just a sweater anymore :(. But you+your puppy look cute :)

  2. I found you thru the Daily Dani, Love your blog and your interview!

  3. Your shoes! They're so cute :)
    xxx mervi

    Ps. I wish we had the pumpkin tradition here in Finland. I'd love to go pumpkin picking and the carving must be fun too!

  4. I love the sweater, necklace and shoes! Super cute. :)



  5. Thank you the sweater was only like $7! gotta love Old Navy!


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