Friday, October 14

Link Love

     Meet the adorable and fashionable ladies of Let's Talk Trunk. A blog from the perspective of 4 friends and their separate and unique styles. Pretty creative if you ask me! A few weeks ago they were kind enough to feature little me, and I was so silly I forgot to post the link. So here is the link to the feature and while you are there you should check out some of my favorite posts!

- An easy and casual fall outfit.
- A DIY that would be perfect for all of those used wine corks!
- How to make a basic white tee and black pencil skirt look oh-so chic.
- Their series of fashion blogger blooper posts that make me laugh out loud!

Other links I am loving around the internet lately:

- 21 brilliant ideas for turning a basic, boring wooden pallet into something beautiful for your home.

- A personal home design blog that blows my mind! The kind of good that makes me read archive after archive!

- She called this outfit a Knock Off, but I think I might do a double knock off this weekend. 

- If someone out there wants to make me just 1 of these Little Pinatas I would be over the moon! They are soo cute!

- An adorable Canadian gal with a wardrobe to die for. I love her style and I get giddy when she posts new looks. Hoping we can become internet BBFF's (best blogger friends forever, duh!).

- The most incredible kid's Halloween costume that I really, really want to have an adult version of!

We are gearing up for a pretty relaxing weekend, with just a few errands and minimal house work. Hope you all have a great weekend! What were your favorite links this week? Share them below!


  1. Going to check them out now! What a great post! Congrats on being featured!


  2. Awesome! Thanks for the feature Hayley! And the compliments. :)

    Let's Talk Trunk

  3. yay! i love new links! can't wait to check em out. have a good weekend xox

  4. Going to go check them out!

  5. I can't believe I've never heard of Kendi's blog... WHAT ROCK HAVE I BEEN LIVING UNDER?!


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