Monday, October 17

Yellow House Before: Inside

As you all know we bought a 1956 fixer upper and are working on the renovations. I already showed you what the outside of the home and yard looked like and today I am going to show you what the interior looked like up until a week or so ago!

The main living room as shot from the front door. Excuse my beach chairs and vacuum, this is where we sit and take a load off from working!

The sun washed this photo out and I didnt get a better one, but this is taken from the living room, behind the beach chairs facing the dining room. I love that it is really open.

Standing in the middle of the dining room. Check out our original hardwood floors! I cant wait to polish these babies, they are gorgeous. And paint that ugly brown (and even uglier red!). Behind that partition is the galley kitchen.

This is the one eyesore in the house I don't know what to do with! This fireplace is not my style at all, but I just don't have any idea how to get all of that ugly river rock off! For the time being, we might paint it and just try to pretend it isn't there! Off to the left is the sliding door to the backyard.

Excuse our mess! This is the outdated, ugly, disgusting kitchen. 

Opposite side of the kitchen. That door is right next to the sliding door, only it doesn't open at all... how weird!

Check out the old fashioned cabinets and the super fancy scalloping detail. Inside they are even worse with years of grime and mismatched contact paper.

Bedroom 1, which is the smallest of the rooms will be the office. It has a pretty decent size closet and a little built in, with windows facing the front of the house on the entire wall behind me. 

Bedroom 2, was clearly a kids room and I am dreading painting this red wall and blue stripe. This room is going to be used as our guest room/ wardrobe room.

Our bedroom! It was painted an ugly pea green which we already replaced with this nice, fresh white. This was before we tore out the closet, painted it and touched up the window. Speaking of the closet... it is small!

Another shot of the room. It actually has a pretty square shape, but then an extra added space when walking towards the bathroom and door. Its small, but it will serve its purpose just fine!

And last but not least, the ugly garage they left behind. To the right in the back is a weird cedar lined closet which I guess is where I will be keeping all of my fur coats and dead bodies. Kidding, I think we are ripping it out along with everything else and doing inclosed cabinets along each wall. 


  1. What a cute house! Good luck with all of the renovations!

    Wanderlust Fashion

  2. This house has character! Can't wait to see "after" pics, especially of the kitchen! Good luck :)

  3. This looks like such an amazing space to work with! I can't wait to see the after photos! xo

  4. Thanks ladies! You should see it at the moment... chaos!

  5. Maybe you could put paneling on top of the rock?

  6. I know! I have thought of something like that!

  7. oooh! I love the open concept. And the river rock fireplace? maybe find away to chop of the side that wraps around the corner and then buy a nice big mantle that goes down both sides and covers some up?


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