Tuesday, November 22

Construction Zone

     One of the things we hated in the new house was the kitchen. We knew that was where most of our time, money, and effort was going to be spent. The room was crowded, boxy and outdated. So we took it down to the walls (well behind them in some parts, too), knocked down a few more and opened it up.

View from dining room into the kitchen. Found unpainted walls, covered over vents and extra gas lines... No good!

Took out not 1, but 2 layers of tile on the floor! Also started to smash up a hall closet to gain more space inside of the kitchen area to make it a galley style kitchen.

Found some holes in the sub-floor, and a nice little leak behind what used to be the dishwasher. We managed to sell the remaining appliances for next to nothing on Craigslist!

Nice view of our crazy mess!

Another view from the hallway. We also planned to widen the opening to the kitchen since it was so narrow!

The closet, halfway gone!

     This was a fairly big project that went wrong at this point. We had to part ways with our first contractor and the house sat in this state for nearly 2 weeks. But thankfully, a new neighbor was also a contractor and came on board and since then it has been smooth sailing! Can't wait to show you the rest next week!


  1. Yay, excited to see how it's coming along, what a HUGE project that must have been. Good luck making it your own :) So fun to see the before and after photos!

  2. we usually do all of our own work & contracting out, but the one time we dealt with a contractor (to de-lead 9 rooms and replace 38 windows) was the worse experience ever, it took 3 months longer and turns out he was a hack of a carpenter and trashed most of our antique woodwork. Having a good contractor is SO important! Good luck with your kitchen endeavor!

  3. oooh, so exciting! I have no experience on the matter since I'm only 19 and still live with my parents... I hope everything goes well and that your house will look fabulous in the end! But I don't doubt that it will ;) x

  4. Thank you guys! It really has come so far along... I wish I knew how to do some of this work but it is so beyond me!

  5. Ahh that's so exciting! You must be thrilled that it's coming along!

  6. How exciting! I bet it's going to look great finished!


  7. Wow! What a HUGE project to take on. We can't wait to do our floors : )

  8. YAY!
    Progress is good. :)

  9. I cant wait to show you all... it looks AMAZING now!


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