Wednesday, November 2

Little Facts

Shirt- Gap
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad
Scarf- H&M
Sunglasses- Kate Spade
Shoes- Payless
Watch- Fossil
Bracelet- H&M

     I would classify this as an outfit that didnt get much thought, and probably shouldn't have been photographed for the blog. But, it did and I will share. I think this shirt is kinda ill-fitting. I might move it to be giveaway pile after seeing these photos! All I did this day was get a sub sandwich, pick out a ceiling fan and then work around the new house. Really exciting stuff huh? To spare you the boring details I am going to link up with Rebecca and share 3 Little Facts about myself today!

1. I pretty much know every word to every Ludacris song that was ever on the radio.

2. When I was younger I walked over to my neighbors house to see if she wanted to play and she asked me if I wanted to see stars. Thinking that sounded like something pretty cool I said yes. Well she went "WHOMP" and punched me in the face and I got knocked out. I think, I did actually see some stars. 

3. Oranges. The smell, the texture, the thought of them make me start to gag a bit (no, a lot!). I hate everything about an orange, which is surprising since I live next to so many fields of orange trees. But this means no orange chicken, no OJ, and ever since I saw them mix OJ into the rice at Chipotle, I cant go there either! To make it sound more normal, I just say I am allergic.


  1. Lovely scarf! I've been seeing it everywhere, why doesn't my H&M have one :(

    PS. Mango is my orange - I give the same excuse - so I totally know how you feel!


  2. I have the same scarf and have worn it sooo much lately.

  3. auwtch, your neighour had a weird sense of humor! I love that pretty scarf! I wanted it, but couldn't find it at our H&M! x

  4. I think its amazing that you know the words to every ludacris song on the radio! You rock! The scarf is amazing by the way.


  5. love the scarf so cute!

  6. Thanks I got it (the scarf!) like a month ago so they should still have it in store!

  7. Haha. That's so funny about the oranges! I'm not a fan of the juice but I loooove orange chicken. Thanks so much for linking up Hayley!!

  8. @Rebecca Thanks for having me! I loved it!

  9. I love this outfit! So simple which describes my own style completely!

    Hi! I'm new to your blog and I LOVE all your outfit posts! Love your style. I can see myself wearing everything you pick out!



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