Thursday, November 17

Lucky Charm

Sweater- Forever 21
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- Toms
Bag- Forever 21
Watch- Fossil
Necklace- Anthropologie

     We took these photos in Downtown Phoenix on Friday while we were killing time waiting for some family to arrive at the airport. It happened to be a holiday, so the downtown area was a ghost town! We managed to find a Z Pizza to grab a quick lunch! I didnt realize Phoenix was so far from where we were staying, so I didnt get to go to any of your restaurant suggestions!

     I decided wore an outfit that was comfortable for a long car ride, and extra comfortable since I was still fighting my cold. Enter a loose sweater, jeggings, and slip on shoes. I really love the color of this sweater. The off-white yarn with all of the little colored flecks totally reminds me of the milk at the bottom of a Lucky Charms cereal bowl. So to top the look off I added my letter H charm necklace. Im a clever one... nothing gets past me! Even when I start thinking my clothes look like food. 



  1. Love the TOMS - aren't they so comfy?

  2. I love the sweater with the colourful bits. It reminds me of that confetti cake mix you can get with the little sprinkles!

    Cute outfit!

  3. such a lovely outfit! :)

  4. Hello Hayley!! This is such a pretty look - LOVE that gorgeous sweater, & that necklace is so fantastic. Lovely inspiration and photos! As for your bloggy question?! Yup, the shoes are super comfy, lots of cushion. Happy almost weekend! xo veronika

  5. Cute! That sweater looks super cozy!


  6. Omg! I have that same sweater! Whenever I showed husband that I had just bought it, he said, "You bought another sweater in THAT color?" I said, "um, no, this one has colored speckles all over it, duh!" :) It is a really comfy sweater though, definitely great for a car ride.


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