Friday, November 18

Thank You

     I started to write this on Twitter, but 140 characters just wasn't enough! While we were gone this weekend I realized that this little blog of mine had suddenly turned a year old. I know it isn't the biggest blog on the block, but a bunch of you come by every day to see what I am up to and what's going on in my life and it really is amazing. I appreciate each and every comment, and every email and tweet you guys send my way! 

     Originally I started this blog to have a creative outlet and something to channel my energy towards. And honestly, something to keep me company one weekend while the boy was on a work trip! I used to keep a Livejournal for years but this was my first public, put it all out there, kind of blog. Just look how this blog has changed since the photo above. I found that photo on my iPhone from last November! Crazy, huh? 

     In just a year I have gotten know so many inspiring and great ladies and it humbles me and inspires me to be a part of this little blogging community. I also appreciate all the amazing opportunities this blog has given me and I look forward to the next year to come! 


  1. Congrats on the one-year mark! :)

  2. Congratulations! You totally deserve it! :)

  3. Thanks guys! Its been a pretty fun ride so far!

  4. Yayy! Happy bloggie birthday! I love reading every day :)


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