Tuesday, November 29

Over The Weekend

     This weekend was filled with family, food, shopping and lots of housework. A 3 day weekend for us meant getting a few things done at our new house. But we reserved Thanksgiving for eating and Black Friday for shopping so all in all it was a successful and enjoyable long weekend!

I gave in and tried the sock bun. The first time went off without a hitch and I felt like a funky and cute Carrie Bradshaw. Then I tried to recreate this look a second time and it just didnt look the same. Beginners luck I guess! 

I got to spend some time with my baby niece and nephew. Here is Addison and I (ina pretty Thanksgiving dress!) playing with my camera on my iPhone. Turns out babies really like looking at themselves!

And of course Brody had to look like a gentlemen as well in his vest and tie! So cute! These little babes are growing up so fast!

Friday was all about comfy clothes to battle the shopping crowds. I managed to score some deals at Nordstrom and Cotton On and boyfriend scored on some new work clothes at Express and Macy's for a great price.

The little guy. He is so happy when both of us are home all weekend long. I just love this pup so much. This past week marked our first year having him (since we got him at 8 weeks old) and it has been the best year ever. 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Now it is on to Christmas!


  1. My hair is way short, but I'd love to try the sock bun method! I've heard mixed results. :P Also, your Black Friday outfit was adorable!!!

  2. @angie I for sure think it is easier and holds better on unwashed hair. I tried fresh out of the shower and I couldn't manipulate it right!

  3. Oh how I love pics of your pup.

    ps. I was cracking up at our instagram convo (btw: the stupid thing always sends before I'm done writing!). I actually tried a baby gate when she was a tiny puppy, but pit bulls are so freaking dense that she walked into it and it fell over. She's a hefty one. haha

  4. I'm going to try the sock bun this weekend-hoping for beginners luck too :)


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