Monday, November 28

Balboa Island Photoshoot

Black Jacket- French Connection
Aztec Print Dress- Everly via Shop Sosie
Leggings- LC Lauren Conrad
Boots- Payless
Necklace- Forever 21

     A few months ago I won a fabulous giveaway thanks to Danielle from Sometimes Sweet for a photo shoot with Christina Heaston.  After seeing her work, I have to say I was more then excited! Well, a few weeks ago we met up in Newport Beach, California to take some photos. Working with Christina and her boyfriend, Bobby, was a lovely experience. From the instant we met them it was just so easy and comfortable, and they were so good with our pup, Lewis! We were thrilled to have some photos of our little family and the results were honestly breathtaking! Today I am sharing the first set of photos, and later in the week I will show you guys the rest! 

     These are going to be the perfect addition to the walls on our new home! Also, Christina has a limited time sale on her website for discounted photo shoots. Spaces are limited but if you think you are interested, contact her ASAP! I promise you will not be disappointed!

A big thank you to Danielle for hosting the amazing giveaway and Christina for gifting us with these incredible photos. You two are amazing ladies! Thank you!


  1. Ah I am OBSESSED with Balboa Island. I was there twice this past weekend while visiting my parents :)

    Beautiful photos and I LOVE you dress. So cute

  2. These are beautiful! You all look great - this includes the pup! :) Balboa was one of my favorite photo spots back in high school - I haven't been back since, but you're definitely making me want to go!

  3. Aww! I love! The third photo is my favorite!!

  4. Those are adorable. I wish I could do that with my hair. Super cute.

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous shots! Love 'em!!! :D

  6. Thank you guys! You are so sweet! I can't wait to share the other photos later in the week!!

  7. I have always wanted to take photos at Balboa! I love the vintage-y look and feel it has!

  8. These are soooo gorgeous! AND you can use them for your Christmas card? I mean, if you're into that!

  9. I love the outfit you are wearing!

  10. That Shop Sosie dress looks bomb on you! I have the same one, I am obsessed! Though, admittedly, I wore it backwards the first time... Oops. :)

    Just stumbled across your blog via Twitter - you have such a fun, relatable personal style! Looking forward to following along. :)

    xx Hallie

  11. AHHH!
    So cute.
    And what an awesome giveaway?!
    You look beautiful. And I Love that dress.

  12. Thank you everyone! And @Hallie thank you for that comment... I really love how you put that "fun and relatable!"

  13. I love how you mix brand clothing pieces with affordable pieces as well. A true fashionista!


  14. @Sandra thank you! I am good on the sale racks, what can I say!

  15. When I saw these pictures I instantly fell in love with that dress! I actually ordered it and am pretty sure I'll be wearing it to my husband's coast guard graduation next month! You rock with all your outfits!!


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