Tuesday, December 27

Flashback Week- 25 Facts

     Since we are moving this week I decided to take a blogging week off. Have no fear though, I am going to share some of my favorite posts from the last year (some when I barely had 20 followers) so they might be new to you! If you really miss me you can check in with me on Twitter (imhayley) or Instagram (im_hayley). Here is a little post I did with some silly facts about myself nearly a year ago!

Here is a simple list with 25 facts about yours truly. We want to be friends right? Well you might want to jot these down for future reference! 

1. Clearly, I like to entertain myself in the passenger seat by taking photos of myself!

2. In 2004, I did s study abroad program and lived in Oxford, England for a semester.

3. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood).

4. Secretly, I know most of the lyrics to most Ludacris songs.

5. As a child, I used to watch Beaches and Top Gun... every single day!

6. I've never drank a soda in my life.

7. I also will not eat anything made with or smelling like oranges. They make me gag!

8. I was once an extra in a movie. It is too embarrassing to say which one.

9. I was named after Hayley Mills.

10. The worst part about my job, is that we are not allowed to wear nail polish. Kills me every time I see a girl with pretty nails!

11. I have traveled to USA, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Italy, Czech Republic and France and I still have never been to Mexico!

12. I am deathly afraid of roller coasters. Space Mountain is about as wild as it gets for me!

13. Lately, I cannot fall asleep until I win a game of Solitaire on my phone.

14. My favorite thing to do in the summer is to go to baseball games! 

15. I've never seen the Atlantic Ocean.

16. My celebrity crush is Jimmy Fallon. 

17. I had to have serious dental work when I was younger and they had to widen my jaw thus causing my front teeth to have a huge gap in them my entire 8th grade year. Totally mortifying.

18. I have no idea how to drive a stick shift.

19. No matter how old I get, I think I will forever love and idolize Gwen Stefani. She was the first "cool" girl I ever saw. 

20. Most of my purses look like small luggage. I just don't understand how you can fit everything you need in a small bag. The bigger the better!

21. My mom is my BFF. 

22. Comic Sans is the worst font ever. EVER.

23. I was once on the Dean's List for High Academic Achievement in College. That only lasted 1 semester though...

24. I buried a time capsule (okay, coffee can) in my childhood back yard. I really badly want to go dig it up!

25. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!


  1. Have an awesome break. :)

  2. hahahaha! I love all of these. I live on the East Coast so I get to see the ocean all the time..I've only dipped my feet in the Pacific once. It was freezing!!!

    Happy Monday!

  3. I'm ridiculously addicted to solitare on my phone right now and I do the same thing! I have to win a game before I go to sleep. It drives me crazy, but in a good way. I love Beaches! It makes me ball my eyes out every single time. And, thank you…comic sans. Why is it even available to use?!

    New follower. Lovely blog. :)

  4. Hey there! I just started following your blog...I'm lovin' going thru some of your old posts!

  5. I have no idea how to drive a stick shift ever. I just don't get it!

  6. Sometimes I can't go to bed until I get a high score in Yahtzee on my phone. Crazy addictions.

    And I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I got as far as mom ha and I'm still not there yet ha


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