Tuesday, December 20

Newport Beach Boat Parade

     One of my favorite Holiday activities is to head down to Newport Beach to see the Christmas Boat Parade. We try to go every year because it is so fun and festive and so overwhelming gorgeous, and makes for a pretty good date night. This year we went on Friday evening. We headed to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Il Dolce, grabbed a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Have you had this? It is to die for!) and headed down to the pier at Balboa. Normally this takes about an hour to get to but since we left from our new house, we were there in under 10 minutes!

     We usually take the Ferry ($1 ride) over to Balboa Island, so you get a quick second of being out on the water, and walk the permitter of the Island, where all of the houses are decorated to the nines and the gorgeous boats of all sizes are twinkling by in the harbor. It really is magical, and gorgeous and there is nothing else like it.
Candy Canes and Peppermints line the walkway to one home.

View of the Balboa Pavilion, boats in the harbor, and even decorations on the private docks!

I have an obsession with vintage Christmas decor. I will be online Dec 26th looking for C7 lights like these, and stocking up for next year!!

The Costa Mesa City Hall, renamed Snoopy Hall for the Holiday. They let this man who has been decorating his home (which was foreclosed on) for more then 20 years, set up his handmade display on the lawn. He sits on a bench every evening, with a Santa Hat, enjoying watching everyone come see his decorations! SO NICE. And they are trying to accept donations to save his home. I love my new city. 

Life size Gingerbread Houses on a private beach!

One of my favorites houses. Twinkly and classy!

Nothing like decorating your sailboat and kicking back on a slow ride through the Harbor. 


  1. This makes me so excited!! We are moving to Newport Beach next month and I can't wait to experience this next year!!!

  2. @Stephanie I am excited for you! It is so fun!

  3. Ahh I love love love Balboa Island during Christmas time. :)

    Here's the little post I wrote about Balboa a few weeks ago

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  5. @Tammy OOH heading over to check it out!

  6. i used to live on the peninsula and loved loved the parade! your pictures make me so happy/excited/sad all at once! looks like SO much fun!

  7. love this! looks like you had lots of fun. I go to the boat parade every year...but missed it this year :( however I'm still planning to go sometimes this week to see all the wonderful houses!


  8. I've been once and it's so fun!


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