Wednesday, December 21

Tiny Umbrellas

Umbrella Print Dress- c/o eShakti
Denim Jacket- AC
Chartreuse Scarf- Forever 21
Oxford Heels- Payless
Watch- Urban Outfitters
Bracelets- Forever 21

     I might be a little off in saying it has been freezing lately, but I am from So Cal, and anything under 60 is considered frigid! I have been dying to wear my new dress from eShakti, so I slipped it on this weekend prior to some last minute Christmas Shopping and quickly realized I should have put on some tights too! BRR! If you haven't heard of eShakti let me tell you- they have a ton of cute dresses and coats  and not only are they affordable, they are customizable! Say you want the sleeve longer, or the hem shorter? They can do it! I chose a standard size, but for this dress I think I could have customized it around my waist and hips a bit more since it is kinda loose! But isn't this little umbrella print cute? I couldn't resist! Right now they have a 60% off sale AND free shipping until Christmas, so it's the perfect time to try them out! Oh, and on another note how cute is this watch? I am smitten with anything that has an 'h' on it, and this watch is no exception. It was an early Christmas present to myself!


  1. Really Cute. This will be a spring 2012 look for me since it's cold where we are now. Would have to try eShakti out since fit matters to me a lot because of my body proportions.

    Kemi at

  2. love the gold scarf with the dress and denim jacket

  3. @Kemi It is so easy and it is all super affordable to customize to your exact body sizing! Check them out!

  4. Love that scarf with the flowy pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I love this dress it is so cute! And the yellow scarf too :)

  6. That dress is ADORABLE!!



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