Thursday, January 12

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It has been awhile since I have done one of these! I need to keep a little notebook to write down all the silly things I think of telling you guys, and then draw a complete blank on when I am sitting here! But without further ado... here we go!

- Taking dog for one of our first solo walks around the neighborhood: "Oh, look how cute he is sniffing the grass!" "Aww, he is rolling in the grass! Cute!" "Oh my god what is that smell?!" "OMG!!! Lewis!" As my proud dog looks up at me with another dogs poo smashed all over his back. Yea, I almost threw up!

- I don't think I have washed my car since the summer. My hubcaps are more brown then silver. 

- Yea, I have hubcaps, not rims. 

- Getting in the worlds most ridiculous fight in the middle of the supermarket over wheat bread vs white bread. Boyfriend was stomping his feet and refusing to eat anything with grain or oats. 

- Giving people my address. I give them the street name of the new house and the numbers of the old or vise versa, every single time! I bet people think I need an ID Bracelet.

- Having the teen who used to live in our house randomly come over. And then come in the backyard, and then in the house, and he wouldn't leave!!! Me and a complete stranger in the house. Majorly awkward!

- Honestly, living less then 5 miles from the beach!

- Setting up the new house! Bringing in furniture, unrolling rugs, putting out vases, organizing closets, hanging up art! I am loving it all!

- Getting to go to the Capitol Grille this past weekend. Most mouthwatering, delicious steak I have ever eaten. And their au gratin potatoes and green beans were equally as decadent. 

- Working out and enjoying it. It feels so good to just leash up the dog and take off running!

- 30 Rock and Parks and Rec coming back on tonight!

- And in honor of Ron Swanson, we will be eating breakfast for dinner (one of my most favorite treats)!

If you do Awkward and Awesome Thursday on your blog leave the link in the comments! I would love to check yours out!


  1. So adorable! Love all the happiness and positivity. :)

  2. Ha Ha the story of your dog and the poo is so funny. I am a new follower to your blog. Can't wait to follow along.

  3. Thursdays are always my favorite, because awkward and awesome never disappoint. You always manage to crack me up ;)


  4. Oh my god, that Lewis story! Eek!!! I had a similar but even worse experience not that long ago - I saw a stray little wiener dog and the weather was FREEZING and I knew he was lost, so I carefully picked him up and as I was walking home to call his owners, I smelled a horrid smell and realized he had doggy poo ALL over him... which got all over my hand and my arm and my jacket sleeve. Barf! Luckily I saved his wife, though!

    Also, I would be pretty freaked if some kid randomly walked into my new house! Eep!

    And YAY for setting up said new house. SUCH fun!

  5. Yeah, what's up with that boyfriend thing, not wanting to eat grains or oats?
    Also, I can imagine your car looks a lot like ours.. let's just say that it's in style this year? :)

  6. @Sofia HA! boys just don't think about weight or diets or being healthy.... so they love white bread!

  7. @Angie... It is the worst, the smell of another dogs you-know, I was gagging and used like 200 baby wipes on my poor dog!


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