Friday, January 13

Yellow No Longer!

So it has been awhile since I have shown you anything with the house. So much has happened I wish I could just show you it as it is now, but that wouldn't be fun, now would it?

As you remember, the house as we found it was a faded yellow with some white trim and green shutters. Well I took the shutters down and had all of the eaves replaced so we were ready to get painting the outside. 
I knew painting the outside of the house was a big task, and you pretty much have 1 shot to get it right so I went and got small cans of paint and painted some test patches on the back of the house. I would totally recommend this! Plus, you have extra paint to paint things to match! Like benches or flower pots!
I made sure to test the colors in both the sun and the light because I really wanted true grey colors. I was afraid they would be too blueish in one light and not another. We ended up deciding on Frazee Paints' Excalibur for the stucco on the house and Alabaster for the brickwork and fireplace.
At first, it looked light blue and we were disappointed, but we realized that the big huge sky was casting light onto the house and when the sun went down... it was grey again! Looking at it in its state today, the paint has had time to settle and it is honestly perfect!
Then, of course, we looked at those old windows (and one that actually came off, frame and all!) and decided to extend the budget to allow for new windows. I absolutely love how the big window in the front room looks as a solid piece, instead of all the small squares! 

The house looks so clean and modern with the crisp white trim, and now with the lovely windows I couldn't be more pleased! Plus, we sprung for windows that can either open from the top down, or bottom up which is handy if you have children (or dogs) around or you want that added security along with a nice cool breeze!
The house only had 1 light by the front porch but we added 2, one of either side of the garage making it 3 total. We found these amazing industrial looking lights by Kichler at Lamps Plus. This was one of the things I didn't really have a vision for but knew I wanted something brushed nickel and heavy duty and these fit the bill!

Where is the front door you ask? Well I am keeping that separate for another post because that was my special project and the thing I was most happy with the finished result!!


  1. I love it! I don't remember it looking so modern in the before pictures. It's amazing what paint can do!

  2. Our house is an old faded yellow too. Our plan is to also paint it gray. What paint brand did you use? I think we're going to paint the door red or dark green and the shutters blue or white. :)

    We were actually supposed to start painting in the next few weeks and then last week we had a HORRENDOUS ordeal with our old plumbing. It was out of control, and now we have all new plumbing throughout the house and are a few thousand dollars poorer... painting the exterior of the house will have to wait.

    So sad.

    Anyway, your house looks great, and I LOVE the porch light :)

    P.S. I wanted to invite you to the SoCal Blogger Meetup on Feb. 4 in San Diego. :) Let me know if you're interested

  3. @Tammy We used Frazee Paint because that is the company our painter worked with. We redid plumbing a bit as well, we had so many costs arise we didnt expect in the beginning!

    I suggest painting on a week that looks like the temperatures are going to be warm and not too damp, we had a lot of paint peel off of the steps because it got so dewey and had to have it redone 3 times!

    Good luck cant wait to see it!

  4. @Sarah Thanks! Paint finally made it feel like our house, simple and cheap but it really changed the whole look!

  5. I absolutely LOVE how this turned out! It looks so crisp and modern with the grey and white and those beautiful windows!

    Ahh, I can't wait to own my own house someday! :)


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