Wednesday, October 26

Yellow House: Progress

     I have been looking forward to this post for awhile now! I showed you the exterior of the house a few weeks ago here, and if you missed it go check it out so I can wow you with what's to come! This is how we have been spending all of our free time lately and I am really proud of how the house has come so far...

The roof of this house was in awful shape and it was one of the things we had to address ASAP. 
Roofers working away removing all of the damage and replacing beams and boards. Notice in the first photo how the roof was pretty much rotten underneath the shingles!

Big difference! The weird carpet is gone as is the entire old patio cover! So much more spacious and clean looking in the back now!

Complete! A new grey roof that looks much more modern and clean!

Along with the roof, the entire house had termite damage. We had to have the subterranean area around the house injected with some barrier to keep them from coming back, and we had to put one of those lovely circus tents on! 
I came by to pose in front of my huge eyesore of a house and our lovely Termite Terry banner. Pleased to say we are termite free now!

The existing garage on the home was old. The kind you lift up. Well, the kind you should be able to lift up but I physically couldn't do it! It was so heavy and ugly it had to go!
I wanted simple, long panels and undecorated windows and this garage was perfect! It made a HUGE impact on the front of the home. And all I have to do is press a button. 

This house had been neglected so it needed a lot of love in the front, and it was a lot harder then we thought it would be to get it into shape! 
Working on removing all of the overgrown shrubs was hard! Apparently it took a jeep and some chains to remove the roots of most (the boys idea... not mine!).

Yard is cleaned up, shutters were pulled off the house, and we added electrical so we could install lights on either side of the garage. 

Pretty big improvement (so far!) from this photo, huh?


  1. Nice job!! What a difference you guys were able to make already! It looks great, especially with the new roof and garage door.

  2. Oh wow, its going together pretty well!

  3. WOW, awesome job so far. Love seeing the progress, looking forward to what's to come. You guys have made it so, so far already!!

  4. Thank you guys! I get so excited to do these roundups because I get to see the process all summed up right before my eyes!

  5. Love to see the progress of your home makeover can't wait to see changes on the inside!

  6. What a great accomplishment you got here. It's great that after fixing inside it's time now to change the outside part of the house. Have you tried Owatrol Additives when painting?

  7. wow...that's a TON of work. good for you guys! i love seeing house progress!

  8. What a lovely transformation so far! I can't believe you needed chains and a car to remove the weeds! can't wait to see more :)

  9. One of the good things about renovating your home is that you were able to address all the problem and fix it for good, which in this case is a termite infestation. This is one problem that should be dealt with asap, to prevent it from spreading and damaging your property further.

    Sandra Obrien @ TimesUpTermite


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