Wednesday, January 25

Giddy Up!

Chambray Shirt- Target
Black Jeggings- Target
Brown Riding Boots- Payless
Brown Knit Beanie- Forever 21
Leather Belt- H&M
Sunglasses- Kate Spade
Lock and Key Bracelet- Vintage

     This is one of the last sets of photos we took in our old neighborhood. We had this huge field behind our house that usually was empty (except for an occasional bum or coyote) and perfectly secluded for photos. We managed to get there just as the sun was setting one brisk fall afternoon and I love the way these came out! The lighting is so vibrant and fun! I wish boyfriend didn't have to work so we could catch this "Golden Hour" every day! 

     This was just a quickly thrown together outfit, which is full of basics everyone pretty much has in their closet! I loved the somewhat outdoorsy, working on the ranch vibe it had. I have to say, I only fell in love with the chambray shirt since I have been blogging and I just don't know how I lived without it before! Later on that night I layered on a black sweater and a grey peacoat and it was the perfect amount of layers for a last walk around our city (okay... we went to look at Christmas lights but really, you don't want to know that in the middle of January, do you?). 


  1. aww cute dog! and cute outfit too! (:

  2. LOVE the outfit! So dang cute! I'm totally in love with Chambray shirts this season! They are so easy to work into so many different outfits!

    You are adorable!

  3. Such bright and cheerful pictures. I love your pup.

  4. your pictures are so dreamy :) and that puppy! so cute!

  5. i love love love this look! it's perfect. i wear my chambray shirt all of the time--it's just such an easy way to be chic

  6. Perfect!!! Great outfit. Love everything about it.

  7. The light is gorgeous in these photos!

    And I too have recently fallen in love with my chambray shirt and feel like I can't live without it! So funny!


  8. Thank you guys! Glad there are other chambray shirt lovers out there!


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