Monday, January 2

Hello 2012!

     Hello and Happy New Year friends! I wanted to pop in and start this week off with some of my resolutions (I hate that word!) or goals for the new year. We have moved from the town I have lived in since I was 5 so this is going to be a year of exciting firsts. While I wont beat myself up to go on a diet or anything like that, this is just a few things I want to be conscious of and make a priority in my life as much as possible. Do you have any resolutions? What are they? 

     We will be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow folks, and maybe for being such gems we will kick off the new year with a new giveaway! Check back later this week! And thank you for supporting this little blog of mine all year long. Each and every comment and email means the world to me and I enjoy connecting with all of you! 


  1. 3 and 5 should definitly be on my list too hahah!!! Hope you had a fabulous New Year celebration! Good luck with the resolutions!

  2. Such a WONDERFUL list!!! My 12 for 12 list is:

    • Provide more support for my sponsors and engage with them more often
    • Remodel our bedroom (this is a HUGE goal of ours this year!)
    • Get back into Wicca
    • Post more about Lesbian and Transgender rights and issues (my wife is MtF transgender and we are both lesbian ladies.)
    • Hit my mini-goal weight of 150lbs and my dream weight of 125lbs through healthier eating and exercise
    • Make every holiday and Sabbat special
    • Quit smoking (eek!)
    • Start up airsoft again (we're actually so close!)
    • Read one new book a month
    • Have even more date days/nights with Jen than I did in 2011 ♥
    • Adopt a brother for Wedge, Mau and Jango (most likely another cockatiel, but we're keeping our minds and hearts open to other possibilities!)
    • Do more with my heart instead of with my head"

    Hehe, I'm excited for all of these as I am a pretty good goal-keeper and goal-accomplisher!!!

  3. what a great list, im still making mine :) xxo

  4. What a great list of goals. I love that you have run a 5k as one! Do you run? If not, try couch to 5k! That's how I got started running and ended up taking me all the way to a half marathon in 2011!! I need to add taking my vitamins daily to my list too. Happy new year!

  5. @Meghan I just want to get myself more fit and have strength and I think that is a good goal to set. Plus, I hate running. HAH!

  6. I think these are great. Be more patient is definitely something I need to work on. HA. It looks like good things will come your way in 2012!


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