Friday, December 30

Flashback Week- A Peek At Our Condo

     Since we are moving this week I decided to take a blogging week off. Have no fear though, I am going to share some of my favorite posts from the last year (some when I barely had 20 followers) so they might be new to you! If you really miss me you can check in with me on Twitter (imhayley) or Instagram (im_hayley). Here is a little peek at our style and what our condo had looked like.
     Right now, I'm blogging, the boy is watching football and the puppy is asleep on the couch! Perfect Sunday if you ask me! Too bad that little thing called a job is going to get in the way soon and I will have to go sling lattes later. 'Til then I wanted to show you a few of my favorite things around our house! Enjoy!

1. Vintage movie marquee letters we picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Sometimes we spell 'EAT' sometimes 'TEA'!

2. Orla Kiely jars holding spatulas and wooden spoons, and all of our cookbooks arranged on our counter give our white on white kitchen plenty of color.

3. Extra, extra large coffee cups saved for really serious caffeine situations!

1. Our new wall full of frames. Photos taken on vacation, of the puppy, and prints I have purchased off of Etsy. I can stare at these forever. Such great memories!

2. The boy loves Legos. Enter the Lego Architecture series. We usually get one a year of somewhere we have been and he builds away. These live on our mantel next to framed photos, vases and another lego Ferrari.

3. Authentic Danish furniture inherited by family, and my Orla Kiely pillow brought all the way back from London!

4. Wallpaper city guides, Anthropologie candles, and a Ceramic White Owl piggy bank sit atop my desk in our living room.


  1. I love those cookbooks - I'm a big fan of cookbooks so I may be biased :) Also, where did you get the Wallpaper City Guides?

  2. What a fun gallery wall and owl! Sorry you have to go to work...

  3. I am LOVING all of those frames! I finally decided we aren't going anywhere any time soon and hung a few photos on our wall - I'm definitely looking forward to creating a beautiful collage of photos like you've done here! Looks very chic. Happy New Year!!!!

  4. @Nicole I actually found the wallpaper guides at Anthropologie on major markdown and then I think 1 or 2 were from Barnes & Noble!

  5. Oh, I love your wall of frames! I'm hoping to do one myself soon. Yours looks just perfect!


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