Thursday, December 29

Flashback Week- Lewis, The Puppy

     Since we are moving this week I decided to take a blogging week off. Have no fear though, I am going to share some of my favorite posts from the last year (some when I barely had 20 followers) so they might be new to you! If you really miss me you can check in with me on Twitter (imhayley) or Instagram (im_hayley). This was a photo shoot we did with Lewis when he was so little, and I just had to share his sweet puppy face!

     Lewis has hit the three month mark and is getting bigger and even more adorable by the day. I feel like I am becoming one of those people who want to show off tons of photos of their kids. Except in my case, my kids are actually just my dog. But when I look at his face, I really, truly have never seen a dog this dang cute!! He is doing so well and is already so spoiled. He had so many presents for Christmas he ended up getting the same thing twice! Lucky dog! Anyways, I'm thinking I need to add him on a calendar of cute puppies or something so everyone can share in on this face! Good Idea, no?!


  1. awwwhhhh cutest puppy ever maybe?? in love! hope you had a good christmas! xx

  2. So precious!!!

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  3. Omggggg! So cute! I am the same way with my cat - it gets a little out of control sometimes but he really is cute and crazy, I can't help but talk about him more than normal. :)


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