Tuesday, January 17

Link Swap!

Today I am blogging over at Ashley's blog, A Little Dash of Ash, sharing some of my current favorite Etsy shops, blog reads and DIY's! And in return, she is over here today sharing some of her current loves! Hopefully you will find some new faves too!

Hello!  I am Ashley from the blog a {little} dash of ash.  I have been blogging for almost a year now about fashion, home decor, photography... and well, pretty much anything that I find and love! Currently, I am completely in love obsessed with color and these lovely outfits from {madewell}...

My favorite things in life incude: family, friends, my amazing boyfriend, beaches,wine, photos, papery, my iPhone, instagram and reading blogs!  I am absolutely addicted to pinterest and etsy and truly believe that it is the women's verision of fantasy football! ;)

Today, Hayley and I are swapping blogs to share with you some of our favorite blogs, etsy shops and other links around the web!  Hope you enjoy browsing my links...

a {little} dash of ash links:

 There isn't a day that goes by that I don't swoon over BEE's fabulous wardrobe - she has the ability to mix and match prints in a way no other women can pull off... and her jewelry collection is to die for! Check out her fabulous style at {Atlantic-Pacific}

Every Friday {AV} hosts Friday's Fancies - a link up where you get to create your dream outfits! Check out her blog at {Long Distance Loving} or my own {Friday's Fancies Posts}

{Made by Girl} is another favorite blog and her painting collection is so fresh! This little {painting} has been on my wish list for sometime now...

There is never an item on {Luella and June}'s "What I ♥ Right Now" post that I do not want to immediately purchase!  Her collages are always perfect... and dreamy to shop!

I would love to own my very own {Lily Gene} print for my apartment one day!  I think I would want to start with a PA one since it holds a special place in my heart... but I have lived in so many different states, that it would be so cool to have one from each!

I just received my first {birch box} and absolutely loved it!  It is a surprise box of cosmetics that you can sign up for monthly!  I signed up for the surprise, but I actually loved every item in the box!

 xxoo, ashley


  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite links today!

  2. i looooooooooove the green skinnies!!

  3. thanks for the shout-out, Ashley! love this post! hope all is well, Hayley! xoxo {av}


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