Wednesday, January 18

Multi Colored

Beige Sweater- Forever 21
Little Feathers Navy Dress- Nordstrom
Black Leggings- Target
Flat Black Boots- Old Navy
Sunglasses- Kate Spade
Charm Necklace- Forever 21

     Life has been so busy lately! And when I sit here ready to tell you all about it, all I can think of writing is "It's cold outside and this dress is cute." Honestly, award winning blogging right there. I am just having a slight problem sharing everything that is going on and keeping up with it all! I really need to get a 2012 planner or something, my 2011 one just isn't cutting it anymore. 

     Anyways, I have been sticking to my New Year's goals and have been out running with the puppy in the mornings, and saying yes to more offers and invitations then just sitting at home and being a boring dog lady. Like this past weekend we went to the Professional Bull Riding. Cowboys everywhere, good music, and a good excuse to wear some boots. It was a great time! And then after we went dancing. Im not going to lie, I danced and danced! I  Kinda the yin and yang of a Saturday evening! But I had a great time. 

Do you have any tricks or tips on staying organized and inspired in the new year?


  1. That dress is seriously adorable! And how perfectly done for Winter with the boots and Cardi! So cute!

  2. What a cute dress you have!
    Ah, those resolutions! I did so well the first 2 weeks, but this week was horrible. I didn't go to the gym nor did I watch my food. It's really hard. I just picture how I want to look like in a few months... always works :) Off to the gym I am now :D

  3. Hayley, that dress is SO pretty and I love it with the cardy & long necklace!! Gorgeous, as always! And wow things sound super busy for you - hang in there & yes, a planner sounds like a great way to go. xo veronika

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this outfit. That dress is SO something I'd wear!!! Great find. :D

  5. You look so adorable! Love the colored specks on the dress and I love you Kate Spade sunnies!

  6. @shannon Thanks, I was hoping it would show up better but it is a tiny feather print. So cute!

  7. Oh dear,
    I adore this dress.

  8. What a great little dress! The photos look so great in front of that wall :) I love that resolution and I completely agree. Last year I would get busy and just want to spend my spare time on the couch but lately I've tried to go out instead! I went to the best girls' night because of it! Great resolution :)


    1. Thanks Kendra... I feel the same way I always have a good time when I go out, it is just the matter of getting there!

  9. Your dress so adorable! I didn't even notice that the little colored dots were feathers. :)

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  10. awwwww...i love that dress. too cute! the beige sweater goes with it perfectly.

  11. It was so great meeting you last night!

    (and this outfit is just adorable!)

  12. It was great meeting you too! Just added your blog to my reader!


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