Thursday, January 19

Trip to the Bark Park

One of the great things about our new neighborhood is the fact that we are so close to nearly everything we need. Their are Food Trucks on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoons. Farmers Markets and Swap Meets on the weekend. Starbucks, supermarkets and restaurants all within walking (and for sure, biking) distance! One of the best thing according to Lewis, is the Bark Park. A huge dog park that is fairly close to our house!
This guy hasn't really been to the dog park before, because it makes me feel incredibly anxious to let him off the leash to run around. Who knows what other dogs are going to do? What is he going to eat? Will he get loose? Needless to say, I need to get over it because he is a dog!! And he needs to have fun!
Here he is meeting my best friends dog, Henry, for the first time! Instant friends!
Look at those boys go! Haha! He had so much fun running like a crazy dog, chasing tennis balls, and chasing dogs smaller then him! Every time I see this photo it makes me laugh. I can totally make out a crazy eye and tongue going flying!
I was so proud of him that he was so good, and didnt get into any trouble and so proud of myself that I was able to let him get dirty and run free! It turned out to be the perfect morning to go! It was nice and warm outside, and there weren't too many dogs. He told me he had a ton of fun. The only thing he didn't like was the public water fountain bowl, he couldn't figure it out!
And he was so happy he found some mud to cool off in. I, on the other hand, was not so happy I had a muddy, slobbery dog on my hands but we headed straight home for a bath and a nap (him, not me!)

So far we are loving our new hood and all of the fun things we (both) get to do!

All photos by my friend, Rachel.


  1. hahahah the bark park! I love it! I cant take my dog because he has little man syndrome and barks at all the other dogs...

    1. I don't know why but Lewis loved chasing this little dachshund, I think it reminded him of my parents cat or something!

      The Weekend File

  2. AW!!! I love this. :D Such a cute dog park! I wish we had our very own pup (Jen's parents have dogs, which we love and live with, but ya know - they aren't *ours* so we can't do with 'em what we please!) Jen and I really want a retired military dog, or a rescue dog... So, here's hopin' we'll get permission at some point!

  3. Your puppers is so adorable! I love taking our dogs to the park. It's one of our favorite things :) I know how scary it can be at times, but sometimes it's better to just let them off leash eight away because some dogs have leash aggression and get upset being restrained. That's what our dog Monty is like. He flips out at other dogs on walks on the leash, but at the park he is as playful as a puppy :)

  4. Thanks you guys! He gets that leash aggression too. I never thought of it like that... Dogs are so strange!

  5. ok i am officially in love with your pup -- what kind is it??

  6. I stumbled across your blog because you mentioned this post. Your dog is absolutely adorable! :)


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