Friday, January 20

Adding Green

I have been waiting to show you guys this for ages!!
One of my big projects on this house was the front door. I always knew I wanted it to be very modern looking and bright green. Before I could get to painting, I had to find the right door. I scoured the internet, went to lumber yards, and door and window wholesalers looking for the right one. I eventually found this door at Home Depot in their vast online section.

It came pre-framed so we had to have our contractor remove the old door and frame, and thankfully we had some extra original oak flooring (from the closet we took out) so he could make the doorjamb seamless. 

I love the modern look of this door. I love the sleek windows (which also mimic the windows on our garage door!) that let in light, but still provide security. 

This is the Emtek Handle we got for the door (you can see the lock in the above photo). It is brushed nickel and very industrial looking. I loved that it was square, when mostly every single door handle is oval in shape! One you start noticing these details, you will never think of doors the same way again! So I had to have it, even though the handle cost more then the entire door!

We went with Frazee Paint's Granny Smith Apple for the front door. I only tested 2 colors and I am so glad I didn't overwhelm myself with too many choices! 

We also had our contractor frame the door from the outside and paint it white so it would really stand out (and match the frame we put on the doors and windows!). 

The day the door got painted, but before the windows went it. I will tell you, it is pretty inexpensive to buy wood and frame your windows out and it makes such a great effect on the home. Plus you can add color in small doses if you are afraid to paint the entire house!

There she is in all her glory with the windows uncovered and the trim complete! I absolutely love this door! We also painted the inside green, and it adds such a great pop inside the home as well!

The view at night with the lighting installed and the outside of the home (except for the landscaping) is pretty much complete! Our entry looks so happy even at night!

Another night shot! 

We had all of our neighbors come by and ask us about the door! Apparently we were the talk of the neighborhood! They have told us that this house has never looked this good, and some of them have lived on this street for 40 years! We even inspired a neighbor to paint their door as well!

Our new welcome mat that my mom bought us perfectly matches our color scheme. I love walking up to the house, everything is so inviting and cheery!

Now it looks even better with all of our plants and our grey mailbox! I am so glad I was gutsy enough to go with that color and now we can tell people "Its the house with the green door! You wont miss it!". 


  1. This is great!! Your house is look super cute! The green door is unique & I am sure makes your house look like the hippest on on the block.

    When we were choosing paint colors for the kitchen & living room we had a swatchbook...we knew we wanted green-ish but there were like a zillion different ones!! It was so hard!

  2. Oooh, yay the door looks so amazing and I LOVE hearing about your house reno adventures, it's so much fun!! Happy Friday, sweet lady. xo veronika

    1. Thanks doll! I have all the great inside stuff coming up next week!!

  3. I absolutely knew if I had too many choices I would second guess myself and get the wrong one! So I picked the 2 most appealing to my eye and got samples of those! Thanks for liking it!

  4. Oh my gosh! I absolutely love it!! The green door is PERFECT! So cute!

  5. Love your green door and the color of the house! Everything looks great! xxx

  6. That's awesome! You're so gutsy to go with green but it definitely works! And it stands out wonderfully :)

  7. Thank you guys!! I LOVE it and I am so glad you guys like it!! I cant wait until our yard it done now!

  8. The door looks spectacular and is such a warm welcome to your home. Great choice on the door and the color.

  9. Love it! It's so fun to watch your house change!

  10. Oh my gosh!! Love love lovvvee the way it turned out, and you picked the most incredible shade of green!

    Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  11. I LOVE IT! Your house turned out gorgeous!

  12. Your door is SO cool. I just LOVE it! ^^ I would have never thought about painting my door is such a bright colour, but you aer right: it is so inviting! x

  13. Love it!!!Smooches and Hugs and wishes for a beautiful day

  14. Thanks for all of your sweet comments, everyone!!!!!

  15. It looks amazing! LOVE that color green!

  16. Is this green color paint still available?


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