Friday, February 15

Little Random Facts

I have seen an influx of new faces and visitors around here lately (hello and welcome!), so I wanted to kinda share some little facts and tidbits about me here on this space to help you get to know me a bit better. Maybe we have some things in common we never knew about!

- I used to be a swimmer. Swimming was just about the only spot I ever really liked. 100 Fly was my jam!

- I like, no LOVE, to gamble. I think I get that from my dad who can be found in a casino at least once a week. I would like to think I am sort of lucky... not all of the time.

- I did a semester abroad in Oxford and had the time of my life. I really miss being able to travel and explore.

- I didnt get the good genes of the family. I had braces, I wear contacts, I have allergies... sexy!

- I am a picky eater, but I also love, love to eat and try new food and restaurants.

- Before this blog, I used to be terrified to wear anything to loud, to printed or to sexy for fear I would stick out in a crowed. Blogging has helped me come out of my shell ten fold.

- As a child my favorite movies were Beaches, Heathers, Top Gun and When Harry Met Sally. Can you tell I am an 80s child? 

- I hate roller coasters. I am not scared of them, but I HATE that dropping in the pit of your stomach feeling.

- I am a homebody. I will take watching tv and cuddles with my dog over going out to a club or bar any day.

- I really want to visit the East Coast... like those white sand beaches with little cottages and reeds blowing in the wind type of East Coast.

- I only drink white wine, but I really want to like red wine.

- I would love to take some sort of cooking class that could teach me all the tips and tricks in the kitchen like blanching and julianne and all those fancy words!

- Im addicted to ripped jeans lately, people keep teasing me that they could sew my pants for me...!

- Geoff and I have been together for almost 9 years.

- I love reading in the bathtub. It is the only place I can detach from the world and focus on a good book or magazine.

- I used to drive an SUV in high school and I loved it. I kinda wish gas prices weren't so high so I could have another one! I loved being taller then everyone else on the freeway. 

And last but not least...
- I love being able to run giveaways for you guys and thank you for supporting my blog and to let you share in some amazing goodies that are out there!

So the winner of the XO Necklace from Olive & Piper is...
Kaci Walker!
Congrats, please email me soon to claim your prize!


  1. Adorable post Hayley. :) Have a great weekend!

  2. i love when bloggers do this kind of post! random facts/trivia is one of my pet perks. i like knowing what makes people unique. i, too, am a white wine lover, but i want to get more into reds. thank goodness for cheap trader joe's wines! if i don't like it, it only cost me a few bucks. :-)

    1. We love to go to this place called Wine Lab where they give you little test tubes of different wines to try... its the best! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. You are the cutest! I'm a white wine lover myself. I sometimes pretend to like red wine, because I think it's fancier, but really. Gimme the white stuff any day. And I studied a semester abroad, too, but in Paris!!! Best. Experience. of my life. I miss it every day. Thanks for sharing these fun little facts!


    1. I KNOW! What is it about Red Wine that seems just so much more cool and fancy? I totally agree!

  4. Have a lovely weekend! I like reading random facts about people:)

  5. Happy Friday! Love your little tidbits about yourself. We feel like we know you much better now :) Thanks too for hosting a giveaway with us and congrats to Kaci!


  6. I would also love to take a cooking class. I have heard that Sur la Table has good ones, and I've also thought about taking classes in the basics at a local community college. Great post, and I look forward to reading more!

  7. i am all about white wine and haaaate red wine, but i want to like it so much because i love that it makes your lips purple! my mom says that's a silly reason to want to like something, but purple, liquored-up lips sound lovely.

    1. Thats a perfect reason to like something! HAHA...I love this!


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