Monday, February 18

Life Lately V2.4

Not much to report here! Work has been picking up so I have been so busy! I managed to sport a fun and festive pink top on Valentines Day and I DID get my chicken nachos!

Got a super cute new manicure for spring! I love the Gel Manicures, they last so long and this one is the prettiest of corals (OPI "Are We There Yet?") and I added a little gold glittery tip! 

I met this little sweet girl and really thought about taking her home to be a sister to Lewis! Lewis and Lola (I named her on the spot!)... wouldn't that be so cute? She had the sweetest underbite and longest tail... I loved her. But I am SO not ready for another puppy!

Got some amazing shots this past Saturday in Huntington Beach! Couldnt believe the lovely 85 degree day we were blessed with!!

Saw sooo many surfers out, caught a pod of Dolphins swimming right by the pier and had a great breakfast with my Mom (who came to visit for the weekend!).

Lets talk about Vine for a bit! Are you on Vine? Its a fun, new app where you can post little 6 second videos! I have been using it for 2 weeks now, I don't use it daily (yet) but I really love being able to see some of my favorite bloggers in action! and I mean...  you get to MEET Lewis this way! Here is just one of my Vine videos I uploaded for you guys... My little alarm clock!

Find me on Vine @ imhayley

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  1. What an adorable puppy! And this weekend was GORGEOUS in Huntington Beach (I live there)! I admit to being THAT person that rubs it in to people in colder parts of the country-- "Oh, you have snow? That's too bad. It's 85 and I am at the beach!"
    XO, Rachel

    1. I know!!!! It was so gross Friday and so BEAUTIFUL on Saturday!

  2. love your nails!!
    kisses from milano

  3. Happy Monday! Thanks for hosting:)

  4. Thanks for hosting this party! I love what you did with your nails so pretty!

  5. Huntington is my home sweet home!! Thank you (I think, lol!) for posting some sun shiny's snowing again here in yucky Spokane (blech) and I very much miss the beach I so often took for granted. Also thanks for the pic of your nails. I need a new color for my collection and this one is it! :)

    1. Yay! I know I was glad I was able to catch the name of the color, I love it too! And Yes, HB was SOOOO gorgeous this weekend!

  6. I love that mani! And that pup is sooo cute! She looks like a sweetie (and I'm a sucker for an underbite) :)

    1. Thank you! Sadly, I just couldnt bring a puppy home! Im too busy!


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