Wednesday, February 27

Loving Lace

Moss Sweater- Anthropologie
Lace Blouse- Forever 21
Jeans- Divine Rights of Denim
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Rose Gold Watch- Target

I am obsessed with lace lately. Geoff lovingly (I hope) refers to this shirt as my "doily"... grr. But no really I am obsessed. I love the soft look of lace paired with a super ripped jean or a masculine army jacket. 

In other news, we are heading to Las Vegas next weekend for the race and I couldn't be more excited to get away for a bit. I have been working a lot, and Geoff has been too and we really haven't done much together lately. Though he will be working most days, we still have the afternoon/evenings to hang out! The worst part... having to board Lewis. I get sick with worry making him go to the kennel but since my parents are going to Vegas too, its the only option! 

Then as soon as I get back I basically have a day to pack up again for my girls trip to Palm Springs! So it might be quiet around here next week. And thats okay, no need to worry I will be back. I just want to take some time off to enjoy life without worrying about scheduled posts and emails and I am sure I will still be sharing on Instagram while i'm there! 

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  1. Super cute top! Have a great time in Las Vegas!

  2. I love the lacy tops, too. I just picked up a black flowered one at H&M yesterday - I debated because it was a bit on the pricier side for H&M, but it was the last one in my size so I had to take it home. This cream one looks gorgeous on you! Hope you have a fabulous trip to Vegas. :)

    The Blue Hour

    1. This one was a bit pricey for F21 too but I do love it! Its almost like a great basic!

  3. Lace blouse is gorgeous on you! you look so cute and vibrant :)

  4. Lace blouse is gorgeous on you! you look so cute and vibrant.

  5. LOVE this lace blouse! Gorgeous!


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