Thursday, February 28

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If you have followed my blog for awhile... you will have noticed I pretty much wear my hair one of two ways! Today I am here to share the tips, tricks, and products I use to achieve those looks!
These are the products that I use each and everyday. I change things around sometimes or add in a new product, but these are the 5 items I think make it so easy to style any hairstyle!

1. Surf Spray- I use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray but I have been hearing great things about the Not Your Mothers Beach Spray as well. I think this makes straight hair or curls a little more imperfect and pieced, giving it more of a natural look. I spray about 4 sprays around my head and scrunch it up.

2. Shine Spray or Smoothing Cream- I use this product first and foremost everyday. I spray a bit into my hand and work it through my wet hair before combing it out. I think it helps with tangles and helping the ends of my hair battle the all of the heat styling I do each day! I have started using the Tresemme brand, but before I was super faithful to my Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops!

3. Heat Protectant- This is so important to use before heat styling! Once my hair air dries a bit I spray just a bit of the Ion Heat Protectant (from Sallys) onto my hair, more of the tips then the roots since these can always tend to be oily. A little goes a long way. 

4. Hair Spray- I like the range from Tresemme because they have different levels of hold based on what you want. I use the Tres Two (I think it goes through 5 for maximum hold) and it gives my curls some hold and it helps to smooth the flay away hair when straightened! I always spray my curls from the bottom and never on the root. 

5. Paddle Brush- Because I do so much heat styling and color my hair, it takes a beating. I NEVER brush wet hair. I only comb it through. I run my fingers through my hair while blowdrying until the very end and then I get the body and lift from using the paddle brush. I brush the underside of my hair while blow drying over the top of that. 

Jose' Eber sent me over the Glasstech Infrared Glass Flat Iron and I have been using this to achieve my hairstyles. I love that the plates are glass, it helps the iron slide through the hair seamlessly and doesn't snag or pull the hair. And I am not a pro at it, but I do find that the infrared heat as opposed to regular irons is so much easier on your hair! Less breakage and damage! This iron reaches 450 degrees and has a digital display and auto shut off feature (which I LOVE because sometimes I forget to turn them off!).

Straightening Tips- When running the iron through my hair I usually seperate the hair with a comb and run that through as I run the flat iron through behind it. This insures that I don't have a tangle or snag for the iron to catch and that I don't hold the iron in one spot for too long. I notice its good to work in a curved shape pulling out away form the head then coming back in towards the bottom. This will give the hair a bit more body in the center. 

Curling Tips- When curing with a flat Iron I hold the iron parallel to my head and clasp the hair close to the root. I then rotate the iron in a circle letting the hair wrap AROUND the plates. I just move down the strand of hair doing the same clasp and wrap around until I get to the end. I never curl the last 1-2" of my hair. I like the ends to look natural and not curl under. 

If you have any other questions feel free to email me. Hopefully I gave you a few tips and ticks but the hairstyle you can create will be your own!

And Jose' Eber has kindly offered my readers a 15% discount at their shop with the code HAYLEY15!


  1. those soft waves are so pretty! xo

  2. I have so much trouble curling my hair with a flatiron! Ha I am so uncoordinated! But that won't stop me from continuing to try!

    1. If it doesn't work for you, try a wand! I just like the more "imperfect" curl it creates!


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