Friday, March 22

Read On!

I wanted to take a quick little moment to address the Google Reader shenanigans I have been reading about lately. But before I do, I want to thank ALL of you who heard the announcement Reader will be leaving us and hopped over to Bloglovin' to follow me! I got email after email letting me know you all signed up to follow me there and it warmed my heart! 

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Google Reader has been my go to way to follow the blogs I love to read on a daily basis. With Google announcing Reader will be leaving there is speculation that Google Friend Connect is leaving us as well. While I don't know for sure... that gives me mixed feelings. GFC has always been the way to register how "popular" of an audience a blog has. I STILL get excited when I see those numbers grow. I have worked hard for every single follower that is there and I have felt so blessed anytime anyone signed up!  

But you know what? I also feel a sense of freedom if it does disappear. If I don't post for a few days, I have this weight on my shoulders that 1400 of you will be disappointed! And don't even get me started when people unfollow... i'm like "why don't they like me!?" Dumb, I know, but if you blog you know you notice it too! 

I realized I started this blog as my creative outlet, with the thought I could run it as a small little business for myself. But my life has changed, my creativity is being used elsewhere and my time is just jam packed with other things! I want to blog because I want to blog, not because other people are expecting me to.

So Reader, I bid you adieu and GFC, if you are going with it... it was been a good run, but I am ready to let you go as well! I will still be here sharing my life and my looks with you all, if you still choose to follow along!


  1. I posted a great tutorial on how to transfer the blogs you read on READER to Bloglovin. I hope this helps. Feel free to share my link with your followers so they don't lose their daily reads!


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