Monday, March 25

Textbooks and Smiles recently contacted me to share some info about their company and the great charitys they are working with. While I am well past the age of needing textbooks for college classes, some of you may not be so thats why I wanted to share a little bit about them today!

For those of you who are not familiar, is a really awesome site where you can find virtually any textbook you are looking for and RENT it instead of paying all of that money to buy it and only use it for a few months! You can save from 40-90% off of the prices of buying a textbook! And don't even worry about the shipping, its free both ways! They let you highlight those important passages in your books that you need to study and even have super flexible rental periods! 

Plus, if you have any concerns or questions they pride themselves on having an epic customer service staff to help you with just about anything you need!
And the best perk of it all? 
They have teamed up with Operation Smile to donate a portion of EVERY text book rented. Pretty awesome right? Operation Smile is a charity that raises money to provide cleft lip surgeries to children whose families could not otherwise afford it. The difference the surgery makes in a persons life is incomprehensible. So know that when you are renting that textbook, you are helping to make a difference! 

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  1. I've used Campus Book Rentals before. They are a great company. Saved me a lot of money in college too.


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