Tuesday, September 24

rare weekends off

This weekend I had a rare weekend off. Usually its errands and laundry and some fun sprinkled in but this weekend I just wanted to be out and enjoying the last days of summer. We had plans every day and  just wanted to enjoy each other and be out of the house and out doing things we always say we "should" do. 

We started early Saturday morning and headed to the Beachcomber in Crystal Cove for a little breakfast  on the water. Have you had their little beignets? OMG... so good.

Later that day we wandered around a few places running a few unavoidable errands but ended up back on the beach for a little sunset picnic, we grabbed food from Whole Foods and some wine and snuck down to watch the sunset. 

Sunday again we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to LA to check out the Melrose Trading Post with my bestie. 

I literally cannot fit anymore furniture into my house, nor do I need any more clothes in my closet but it was fun to wander. This guy and his gorgeous rugs almost got me, but I refrained. But look at those beauties... 

Husband wanted a tasty burger for lunch so we headed to Short Order at the Farmers Market and it was good! Oh yea, look at that beard... I have another 10 weeks with that thing. <3

My only trinket from the Melrose Trading Post... this little vintage hotel room keychain on a necklace, L for Lewis of course. 

Best weekend and now its Fall! I have to say I had the hands down best summer and possible year I have had yet. Looking forward to the changing of seasons, wearing boots, cool nights, family time and pumpkin pie (the only pie I like!). 


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