Tuesday, October 1

Getting Ready

I finally got our wedding photos back from our lovely and amazingly talented Katelin Wallace and I wanted to share them with you! Its so funny, seeing these photos I get to see little moments I missed and I am so glad that I have them and look back on. That day seems like such a blur now! I will be sharing just a few shots from getting ready, the details, the ceremony, and around the city but I am also just keeping some for us! But I promise, you will get a great peek into our day!

Thankfully the Hilton Union Square was SO accommodating and great to work with they set up all of our guests on the same floor to make it easy to get ready and have visits all through the morning. My best friend, co-conspirator and amazingly talented make up artist, Rachel DeSimone, did my makeup and hair. We did a trail run a few days prior, but I wasn't too fussy of a bride. I knew I wanted a fun messy bun and knew anything she did make up wise was going to like eons better then anything I could do!

As stated before, we woke up to this!!! A beautiful, 80 degree, cloud free day in San Francisco! These days don't happen often in the Bay so we were SO lucky! 

So cool! There is all kinds of twists and braids on the left side and different things in there, I just wanted something that would last all day and look interesting and this was so cute!

Before we left I knew I needed something to add into my hair and I actually found this little jeweled headband at Anthropologie, which worked perfectly adding a little bit of bling without being too much.  I love that I was all set on a coral lip (seen above) but then I freaked out because it was pretty bold and had to swap back to a more tame pink... Haha. One day I will embrace a bold lip! 

All photos by Katelin Wallace Photography. Check her out if you are in CA... she is so talented and such a blast to hang out with! 

Makeup by Rachel DeSimone, bestie and bridal wizard. Check her out here and here.  


  1. SO gorgeous! I got married in 201 and still love going through my wedding photos - I cannot wait to see more!

  2. Aww yay, thanks! I will post more! The good ones are still coming! Its just to fun to see moment sI missed, this way I still get to be a part of those!

  3. Love the profile shot! If it wasn't for the lip pencil, it could be almost any time period and I love that. Gorgeous!

    1. I know..!! A ton of our photos have a very madmen, old school vibe!

  4. You look amazingly beautiful, and that hair band was indeed the most perfect touch. Love it so much!!

    by the shore (a life + style blog)

  5. beautiful, beautiful! I love that you did a small, simple wedding ceremony. so personal and intimate. go bold with that lip, mama!

    1. I got scared! Too bold for me!! But yes, simple and intimate was what we did!


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