Thursday, October 3

Wedding Details

Some of my favorite photos we're the ones they were able to shoot while I was getting ready. While we kept to a really low key, easy going wedding overall there were a few little details I cared about that I wanted to make sure were highlighted and always remembered. Katelin did a great job of capturing these things for us so when we got the photos back I was floored with all of the special little photos I found!

Our wedding bands. I picked something I would have never normally picked, I thought I wanted a channel set band, but this one had such a vintage quality, and paired with my single diamond engagement ring, it just looks like little mini versions of the bigger one. It is the perfect match. Geoff went with a tungsten band in a charcoal type color. The little graphic was taken from the top of our invitation, so perfect!

We went with invites from Hello! Lucky and I could not have been more pleased!! I wanted to make sure everyone we used as far as vendors was special, and the fact that Hello! Lucky was based in SF was perfect! We didnt have wedding "colors" but I loved the red from the Golden Gate Bridge on the top, and the aqua font. I don't want to share too much of the original invite, but it was cheeky and perfectly us. I loved it. We weren't even going to do invites like this but I am so happy we did. They ended up being so perfect I already have one in a frame in our room!

Little Details on the Groom! Can't forget about this guy who looked so handsome that day and was totally channeling Don Draper! He splurged on these Ted Baker 'Cirek' Oxfords and super fun socks from Nordstrom. If you look closely the shoes have the traditional rose stitching and all of the stitching and laces are in a deep purple.. so unique!

I really didnt know what I was going to wear until the few days before, but I had bought these shoes way ahead of time thinking they could work and I just went with it. I didnt want to go crazy with thousands of options, and I liked these... so I just stuck to it! They are the Seychelles 'Gaultine' Heels and they were SO comfortable to wear for 12 hours and I know I will wear them again!

My clutch for the day was from Anthropologie, of course, its sold out now but you can browse other cute ones here. Since my little guy couldn't be with us this day, I made sure to keep a photo of him tucked away and close by. I love that she pulled this out and took this snap, its like Lewis was there with us! 

We were referred to Amy from Angel Flowers in North Beach to do our arrangements and she was so great! I just basically sent her a picture from Pinterest and she said "okay" and that was that! SO EASY! I knew I wanted succulents for everything so we could also bring them back and plant them in pots in our yard. She did amazing and was so great to work with, even hand delivering them to the hotel and calling to check to make sure I liked them. Highly suggest her if you are in the area!

I wore this gorgeous Alexis Bittar Orbit Pyrite Bracelet (link to the large version, this is the small) that Geoff actually bought for me as a gift while we were up in San Francisco the day prior. It was so perfect and added that extra delicate but stunning piece of jewelry I was missing. 

I also wore this gorgeous Vanessa Mooney hand bracelet (similar) from Prism Boutique, the little diamond fell on the back of my hand and it was so pretty! And this little golden arrow ring I bought right around the corner from our reception site at a store called Gemologee, the last time we were in town applying for our license! 

Again, Amy from Angel Florist did such a great job with my bouquet it was so gorgeous and full and there were a few white anemones on the other side that looked so pretty mixed in! This guy was so full and heavy!! And I let her pick everything out, and I am go glad she went with a raffia wrapping around the stems, it kept it simple. 

All photos by the amazingly talented Katelin Wallace


  1. my goodness gracious. beautiful. such sweet, simple, powerful details. love! happy wedding.

  2. Oh I love all these little details, the bracelet is beautiful!

    Five Minute Style 

    1. Thank you, it is so pretty! I loved it!


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