Monday, October 7

Hat Game

Anthropologie has really been stepping up their hat game recently. 
I have always been fond of hats, but embarrassed to be a daily wearer of one. Until lately. Fall is the perfect time to cover up and break out all of those fun accessories.. hello, scarves and gloves!
The one in the middle is a favorite from last year, with a cute bow and sweater texture on top. Thankfully, Anthro is releasing a new grey one this year! The other two I have recently added to my collection. I love the green rancher style with more of a structured top and sturdy brim, plus the little leather detail is perfect for fall. And the burnt orange one can go with almost everything, and transition into the summer months as well. 

Check these out and similar styles below...


  1. I LOVE those hats! I need to go check out Anthro!

  2. FOR sure! They have SO many cute ones now!


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