Tuesday, October 22

Desert Getaway

This weekend we took a little 3 day getaway to my favorite place, The Saguaro in Palm Springs. We have both just been so busy lately and before the weather was completely bad we had to go enjoy some time with just us. We had the best 3 days and it is ALWAYS the perfect place to escape to!

Bagels and coffee on the way out.

Nothing better then a little sunshine for the soul!

Wall of cymbals at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel.

Bright colors and casual pieces for the desert!

Me and the hubs by the pool. 

Saturday pool look... this cover up matches the hotel!

Went to the Parker for drinks and pie. First visit here and I am obsessed, it is so beautiful!

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  1. It looks beautiful there! Love all the vibrant colors. Hope you two had a wonderful time :)


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