Thursday, October 24

The Ceremony

Today I am sharing with you a few snaps from our ceremony at San Francisco City Hall. We rented the  Mayors Balcony and it was one of the best spots in the house. Even though there were other weddings going on in the building I dont' even remember seeing anyone else! 

On our way! Look at all that sunshine we were blessed with!

Waiting to walk down the aisle. So stinkin cute.

There was no traditional "music", since it is a working building but I was still able to have a nice little entrance.

Walking down the aisle with my dad was hand down the best part


View of our Ceremony. Look at this building! Its breathtaking!

This might be one of my favorite ceremony photos... so sweet!

Done and done!!!

Our besties signing as our witnesses.

One of my favorite little guests had to come check out what was going on!

Its not official until its on the internet... time to Instagram!

Best day ever! 

Next week I will share some of the professional photos taken around City Hall and some of our favorite spots around SF.


  1. Congratulations again Hayley! Looks like the perfect day. I love the dress you chose and your hair looks in-cred-i-ble. Be blessed, you two ;-) xo

    1. Thanks so much, I love the choices I made too, I doubted everything at the time but glad I went with my gut!

  2. CONGRATS! So so beautiful. Love the way you did this! xo

  3. Beautiful photos! Love your dress and hair - such a pretty bride! xxx

  4. Stunning! What a gorgeous building that suits your style so much! I love seeing different reception venues other than churches (nothing against them, just personally would never see myself getting married in one).

    The last photo is just perfect!

  5. I'm hoping to do this same thing someday...and spend all that expensive wedding money as a down payment on a house or a rad honeymoon.

    I loved loved loved your look! You got some amazing shots :)



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