Monday, November 25


I wore this incredibly soft and fuzzy sweater the other day and my Husband said I looked like a kitty cat. I can't get that thought out of my head now every time I reach for the sweater! I posted this photo on Instagram and everyone had to know where it was from (I even overheard a woman saying "look at that sweater…..." when I walked by) its a good one, ladies. I can't even tell you the number of times I got randomly pet by my friends! So I'm here to share… 

Find the exact one here.
Find a similar one here and here.

Your welcome!


  1. Saw the H&M sweater in the little mailer/catalog thing I got in the mail the other day... Immediately, I formed this huge obsession. I think this post is the Universe telling me, "Buy. BUY!" That's the only possibility, right?? (;

  2. Super cute. Love the sweater and love cats so it's a win, win :) Have a happy Thanksgiving.



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