Tuesday, December 24

caught the sickness

Let me tell you, this stomach bug is no joke! I woke up Monday sicker then I have been forever. I eventually went the urgent care around 2pm because I couldn't keep anything down and they sent me to the ER. NowI have never, ever been to a hospital before and I had to get poked and prodded and lay for hours while people came in with broken feet, and getting their head stapled. Not really how I wanted to spend my Christmas Eve Eve!! The Doctor couldn't figure it it was food poisoning or the flu but it is not fun. So its Christmas Eve and I am on a smart water and toast diet, watching The Holiday and not sure if I will be in attendance at Christmas functions. Bah-humbug. 

I forgot to write this before, but on top of ALL of this I am supposed to have sinus surgery first thing the day after Christmas! What a week right? I have never had a surgery before except for like, a pulled tooth! So it might be quiet around here for a bit but ill be back!

Hope you all enjoy your Christmas!
Stay Healthy!


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