Sunday, May 4

Oh, Hi!

So its May.. the last time I posted was in March, so sorry about that! Honestly, with Instagram being so quick and easy I almost just "micro" blog what I want to put out there and bam! Feeling fulfilled! 

But we have been busy, we finally put in a front yard (YAY!) so our house is about 95% complete. Its been a long project but I love that we have re-done nearly everything and made it our own! 

My birthday is around the corner.. the big 3-0. Excited to start a new chapter, but sad the 20's are all behind me.

Anyways, if you want to keep up on a more regular basis add me on Instagram @im_hayley


  1. Hi! Where is your cardigan from? Beautiful!

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  3. Hi Pretty! Hope you're doing well! Come back to blogging. Insta isn't good enough for us, we like to see more of yourself. xoxo


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