Wednesday, October 27

Terrible, no good, very bad day!!!


 Today, is just one of those days, where I had no time for anything and everything feels like it is going wrong!

- Couldn't sleep at all last night because there was a creature eating and scratching and running around in our attic
- I got the day off to get dressed up, clean the house and make dinner for Geoff when he arrived home from his trip but the day was taken up with finding and waiting for an exterminator and Geoff missed his connecting flight so he was {and still is} delayed.
- But the worst.... the exterminator found not 1, but 2 dead rats up in the attic plus tons of droppings and holes we need to patch. I know I didn't hear a dead rat last night, so I am sure there are more up there and I am so disgusted!!!!! I don't like sharing my house with rodents!

 All I feel like doing is crawling in bed with some tea and a magazine but I am trying to stay up and positive for the boy when he finally does arrive. Not to mention it is so windy here today and my allergies are out of control! Ready for the day to end and a better {rat free!} tomorrow to begin!!!!

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