Monday, November 7

Scenes from the Past Week.

Cheery yellow gingham on a crisp fall day! And all I needed to do is add some cowboy boots and a hat for an easy and quick Halloween costume!

Storing some tasty treats an in adorable Anthropologie mug in the kitchen.

Is it a dog or a cow? You decide! Loving the after holiday discounts on pet costumes! Lewis only cooperated for the treats I was dangling over his head!

A tip I learned from Pinterest that has changed the way I cook! Leaving your wooden spoon over the pot of boiling water like so with insure that it never boils over (and it didnt!).

Picking out accessories to go with this amazing aztec dress from Shop Sosie.

Another dress (quite possibly my favorite dress in my closet!) that I was working on accessorizing for an upcoming photo shoot that I cant wait to share!

Sporting a vintage ring from my mom and fall colored nails! Color is NYC's "Manhattan" and a gold sparkle I scored at Urban Outfitters for one dollar.


  1. Those dresses are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the post with the dress in the second to last photo, it's a perfect dress!

    Plus, your dog in that costume....ADORABLE!

  2. I love the fun fall manicure :):)

    But what I'm even more thankful for is the spoon idea! That's genius!

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  3. I LOVE the chevron dress. Where is it from?! Also adore the mani. Can't wait to add glitter to mine. Love the post!!

  4. great idea about the spoon on the pan!will have to try this.

  5. It TOTALLY works! Even with the burner on high!

  6. Oh, that Aztec dress looks pretty! Great colors for fall!

  7. Want to see more of these two dresses! They are my top pickcs on their site... but just don't know how hey would fit me. I'm short and busty.

  8. ummm.... your puppy's costume is freaking adorable!!! haha


  9. @Tamara.. the Aztec dress was really tight and the Chevron was super huge, both same size! I had to tailor the Chevron one!


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